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Telling Stories: Rwandan Exiles and Genocide Survivors
Instructor: Steven High, Professor of History
Fall 2019

In Fall 2019, Steven High taught an undergraduate class of 40 students entirely dedicated to the Living Archives. Over the course of the term, students delved into these first-person accounts and developed research projects based on this original research. What can we learn from these first-person accounts? The course also provided students with a grounding in the field of oral history and some of the ethical, political, and methodological challenges of working with archived interviews. Find his syllabus here.

Student projects

  • Ella Harford - Questioning Emotions of Trauma, Achievement and Loss: Shaping the Telling of Life Stories pdf
  • Johanne V. N. Jensen - The Sound of Laughter pdf
  • Maggie McDonald - The Life Stories Project: How Home Shapes Identity pdf
  • Maude Rousseau - Survivors of the Genocide in Rwanda and Justice: A Consensus of Failure pdf
  • Bryanna Serré - Allies and Rescuers: An Analysis of Survivors’ Testimonies Recounting Acts of Rescue pdf
  • Syd Taylor - Deafening Silence: The Veil Over Ethnic Violence in Rwanda pdf
  • Elise Thompson - Structures et dynamiques familiales avant le génocide Rwandais pdf
  • Audrey Todd - 75 Moments: Understanding Life Story Testimony [Text] and [Visual]